“There is actually a fairly simple solution to resolving all the questions and uncertainties about whether CCS is economically plausible and, if so, which techniques are the best ones to use: put a high price on carbon.”

Our Sources Of Energy

Carbon Capture And Sequestration

The idea of “carbon capture and sequestration” is compelling. In theory, the world could capture all of the CO2 that is presently emitted into the atmosphere by fossil fuel electricity plants and sequester it safely in repositories located deep underground and beneath the bottom of the ocean. We could then continue to use coal as a primary source of electricity without contributing to the destruction of human civilization in the process.

All the technologies for capturing, compressing, transporting, and sequestering CO2 have been developed and tested on a small scale. All of them work. But the components have never been integrated and implemented on a large-enough scale to build the degree of confidence necessary for the truly massive commitment the world would have to make were this option to be chosen as one of civilization’s main strategies for solving the climate crisis.