“It’s ironic that the first successful oil well was drilled in 1859, the same year the great Irish scientist John Tyndall determined that CO2 molecules intercept infrared radiation, a discovery that led to the science of global warming.”

Our Sources Of Energy

Where Our Energy Comes From And Where It Goes

The single largest source of man-made global warming pollution is the production of energy from fossil fuels—coal, oil, and natural gas. Consequently, the most important solutions for the climate crisis require the accelerated development and deployment of low-CO2 substitutes for producing the energy needed for the global economy.

The exciting news about renewable, low-CO2 sources of energy is that there is an almost limitless amount available. Indeed, all of the oil, coal, and natural gas in the world contain the same amount of energy as the earth receives in only 50 days from the sun. Even taking into account all of the technical difficulties in capturing and using solar energy, it would take only seven days’ worth of sunlight hitting the earth to meet the annual energy needs of the planet.