“In less developed nations, the Demographic Transition is beginning to occur, even though many of these countries still have high population growth rates and will continue growing for a few decades at least. But the rate of growth is slowing even in these countries.”

Living Systems


Any plan to solve the climate crisis must deal with the challenge of stabilizing global population as quickly as is feasible. Yet most discussions about solving the climate crisis rarely touch upon population, leading some observers to wonder if it has somehow become a taboo subject. Indeed, people often ask me why population is not more prominently mentioned in debates over how to save the earth’s climate balance.

The answer is that the world’s effort to stabilize the growth of human numbers is actually an historic success story, albeit in slow motion. Even so, the question of how to stabilize population is, by and large, one of the rare questions around which there is a global consensus and a proven track record of emerging success.