“We can solve the climate crisis. It will be hard, to be sure, but if we choose to solve it, I have no doubt whatsoever that we can and will succeed.”

The Crisis


This book is about the solutions to the climate crisis. During the three and a half years since the publication and release of An Inconvenient Truth, I have organized and moderated more than 30 lengthy and intensive “Solutions Summits” where leading experts from around the world have come to discuss and share their knowledge of and experience in subjects relevant to the construction of a plan to solve this crisis.

Our Choice is the result of the groundbreaking insights offered by the participants in this multiyear dialogue. These experts made it possible to construct a fresh and unique approach I have not seen before. It is meant to inspire readers to take action—not only on an individual basis but as participants in the political processes by which every country, and the world as a whole, makes the choice which now confronts us.